The Mother City by helicopter

There are many ways to see Cape Town, but perhaps the best is from the air. The city is easy on the eye and every year visitors are drawn to its natural and man-made attractions. Whether it is the flat-topped Table Mountain with its thick, shimmering ‘table cloth’ or Aerial Cableway that takes you to the top, the city is full of wonders.

We are all looking for moments to embrace something different, something unique and something special. Floating above Cape Town in a helicopter, taking in the grandeur of Table Mountain, soaring over the non-descript, but equally iconic Robben Island, and watching the rigs come in from the open sea into the city’s port, provides you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

helicopter pilot in flight

South Africa’s oldest city is renowned for its beauty and yes, visitors are given a brief glimpse as they come in to land at Cape Town International Airport, but the vantage provided by NAC Helicopters Cape Town takes it to another level.

Operating from the V&A Waterfront, NAC offers four tours: The Hopper Tour, Atlantico Tour, Three Bays Tour and the Cape Point Tour, all varying in distance and duration.

I was on board for the Hopper Tour, which takes in the City Bowl, Green Point, Sea Point, Clifton, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles. It gave me a preview of what this incredible city has to offer and gave me a hankering for a longer tour, but perhaps I am being greedy. I was given the chance to see the Mother City from a different angle, for that I should be happy.